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This place will fine you $2,800 for wearing flip-flops

Planning a trip to Italy soon? Packing your favorite sandals or flats to wear on vacation? Be careful! Officials at Cinque Terre's national park have had enough of tourists wearing the wrong footwear throughout their park according to a new rule this year.

Mar 6th, 2019
10 Step Guide for Treating Bunion Pain

"This bump on my big toe seems to be getting bigger and more painful. What is it and will it go away?" Women in their 40's or older are more likely to develop bunions than anyone else. If this is you, read on to see what you can do about it.

Feb 21st, 2019
15 Rules for Preventing Diabetic Foot Problems

Uncontrolled diabetes is extremely dangerous to your feet. Foot ulcers, infections, even toe and foot amputations. Because of these problems, you should be aware of the warning signs and take action to prevent diabetic foot problems before they get serious

Jan 31st, 2019
4 Surprising Reasons Your Feet Are Always Freezing

Feet always cold? It's not just your socks. There may be a surprising cause to constant cold feet. If you have a history of smoking, diabetes, high blood pressure or cholesterol, you definitely want to read this...

Jan 13th, 2019
Relieve Mild Heel Pain Today with These 7 Tips

One of the most common problems we see at Neuhaus Foot & Ankle is heel pain. Heel pain has many causes can be effectively treated when properly diagnosed. Here are 7 things you can do to treat mild heel pain yourself.

Dec 31st, 2018
15 Years with Foot Pain, Finally Treated.

Rowland made a special visit to review Neuhaus Foot & Ankle and share his experience with us. Dealing with chronic foot and heel pain for over 15 years, he decided it was time to see a podiatrist at Neuhaus Foot & Ankle to get back to doing what he loves.

Dec 30th, 2018
7 Ways to Save Money and Be Healthier This New Year

Happy New Year Middle Tennessee! Making a change in 2019? If you're making a new year's resolution, chances are it relates to saving money and getting in shape. Neuhaus Foot & Ankle can help you do both!

Dec 30th, 2018