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When It's a Good Idea to Seek Treatment for Calluses

When It's a Good Idea to Seek Treatment for Calluses

For the most part, calluses on your feet are benign and common, but there are times when these rough patches of extra skin can become problematic.

Since not all calluses are created equal, the team of foot health experts here at Neuhaus Foot and Ankle, with 10 locations across Tennessee, is taking a closer look at calluses in this month’s blog post. We’ll also explore when seeking treatment is the right idea.

How calluses form

Calluses on your feet typically develop in areas where there’s friction, and your body produces extra skin to protect itself. Common areas for calluses are:

Some factors place you more at risk for calluses, such as having a food abnormality, like a hammertoe or bunion, as well as wearing shoes that don’t fit properly. Wearing shoes without socks can also lead to calluses, along with placing added pressure on your feet, such as when you run.

In many cases, these hardened and tough areas of skin are perfectly harmless and don’t require treatment. 

When calluses may be problematic

Sometimes calluses can cause problems and warrant seeking our help. For starters, if you have diabetes, your foot health is in the line of fire, and any problem in your lower extremities deserves attention. Our concern with calluses is that they may create fissures through which bacteria can enter, which can lead to an infection.

As we mentioned, if you have issues, like hammertoes, arthritis, or bunions, you may be more susceptible to calluses, and we recommend that you come to see us for treatment.

Some calluses may also become painful, such as when a blister develops below the tough skin, at which point we recommend treatment. The tough skin can also develop cracks, which can be painful.

We advise against trying to remedy painful calluses on your own through “bathroom surgery,” as you might create more problems and increase your risk of infection.

Treating calluses

When we treat calluses, first, we gently remove the extra skin. Next, we determine ways you can prevent calluses from redeveloping, such as changes in your footwear or custom orthotics to rebalance the pressure in your feet.

For expert treatment of calluses in your feet, contact one of our offices in Hermitage, Brentwood, Nashville, Mount Juliet, Waverly, Smyrna, Gallatin, Columbia, Pulaski, or Lebanon, Tennessee, to set up an appointment.

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