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5 Ways to Care for Your Feet This Summer

The days are longer, the temps are higher, and you look forward to going out without bundling up, and that includes your feet.

As you free your feet for summer fun, our team at Neuhaus Foot and Ankle wants you to keep some practices in mind to protect your feet during the warmer months. Let’s take a look.

1. Let your toes spread out

One of the joys of summer is letting your feet breathe again. From our standpoint, we love anything that allows your feet and toes to spread out, which creates more balance.

As you break out the lighter footwear, we want you to choose shoes that allow your feet space to spread out evenly. 

Two of the most common foot abnormalities — bunions and hammertoes — are often caused or exacerbated by ill-fitting shoes that crowd your toes. Women are more prone to bunions than men because they tend to wear more high heels with pointy toe boxes, which are not good for feet.

So, as you choose your summer footwear, be sure that you’re not only allowing your feet to breathe but to spread out, as well.

2. Give your feet the gift of orthotics

As you spend more time outdoors, we suggest treating your feet to a pair of custom orthotics. These inserts offer your feet support where they need it, create more balance, and help offset issues like plantar fasciitis.

3. Keep your feet high and dry

The prevalence of toenail fungus is about 14% of the general population. To avoid this stubborn and frustrating condition, you must be mindful about going barefoot in the summer.

Toenail fungus is easily passed in warm and wet environments like locker rooms and public pools. The best way to protect your feet against a fungal infection is to wear footwear in public places (sandals around the pool and in the shower, for example). Also, it’s important that your feet don’t sit in moist environments, such as sweaty socks.

4. Perform daily checks if you have diabetes

If you’re among the millions of Americans with diabetes, it’s imperative that you check your feet daily, especially in the summer when they’re more prone to damage. 

More than half of people with diabetes develop peripheral neuropathy, which mostly affects the lower limbs and feet. Due to this nerve damage, you might not feel a cut or blister on your foot. Unfortunately, these small wounds can lead to infections that can spread.

So, each night before you go to bed, gently wash and dry your feet and inspect them.

5. Watch the sun

You’re diligent about putting sunscreen on your face but don’t forget your feet. There’s nothing like a sunburn on the tops of your feet to make putting on shoes uncomfortable. 

If you follow these tips, you and your feet will enjoy summer to the fullest.

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