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How to Prevent Foot and Ankle Pain as You Get Older

You grunt as you get up from your chair. Now, the stiffness in your body is becoming more of a rule than an exception. Aging can be challenging, and you want to do what you can to preserve your quality of life. Prioritizing your mobility is a great place to start.

As our name suggests — Neuhaus Foot and Ankle — our team is devoted to helping our patients maintain comfortable mobility, no matter their stage in life. That said, there are some special considerations and best practices as you get older, which we review here.

Make sure the shoe fits

Ill-fitting footwear is a nemesis to good foot health. When you’re younger, you feel a little more invincible. But all those years wearing pointy-toed dress shoes or high heels will likely take their toll.

For example, one-third of people over 65 have bunions, and the role that ill-fitting footwear plays is significant. As well, hammertoes are more common as you age, and this abnormality also counts bad footwear among its causes.

Our point here is it’s time to ditch those stylish shoes that aren’t doing your feet any favors. Instead, choose shoes that allow your toes to spread out evenly, which will maintain the balance in your feet. Rest assured, you can find plenty of fashion-forward shoes that fit the bill.

Up your footwear game with custom orthotics

A great way to support your feet in whatever shoe you wear is through custom orthotics. These inserts are made from molds of your feet, and we can adjust them to your unique needs.

Look into ankle bracing

Sprained ankles are common — about two million people sprain an ankle annually in the United States. If you’ve twisted your ankle once or twice in the past, you might be left with some instability in the joint. 

If you have an unstable ankle that hurts occasionally, adding some support to the joint in the form of a brace is a good idea. An ankle brace is essential if you’re active.

You can find ankle braces in your local pharmacy that are easy to use.

Maintain a healthy weight

A great way to keep your feet and ankles healthy is to ensure they’re not overburdened with excess pounds, which can lead to issues like early-onset arthritis. There’s no shortage of reasons why you should maintain a healthy weight, and we're going to add the health of your lower limbs to this long list. 

If you’d like to explore more ideas about maintaining healthy feet and ankles as you age, please contact one of our 14 locations in Tennessee to schedule a consultation.

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