Read What Our Patients Say About Our Efforts to Relieve Their Foot and Ankle Ailments in the Middle Tennessee Area.

Patients looking for relief from foot and ankle pain can often find relief at Neuhaus Foot and Ankle. We’ve gathered some of our patients’ success stories to show how our staff excels at treating ingrown toenails, toenail fungus, sprained ankles, heel pain, bunions, sports injuries and other foot problems.

The office staff was very friendly during my visit. Dr. Knox took his time with my evaluation and gave me several options to help with my foot pain. I had tried several methods of pain relief in the past, and now 2 days later I am almost pain free. I have had a foot injection in the past which was very painful. This time, it was minimally painful and the results were immediate.

Bob Smyrna, TN

I have been telling everyone how great this practice is. I took my high school daughter to see Dr. Knox. You can tell by the family pictures that these guys are very family oriented. I must say their treatment of my daughter was amazing. She had a foot injury and had some fears. The nurse that took us back was wonderful. Dr. Knox was very positive and upbeat when treating my daughter and talking to us about her foot. We saw Dr. Neuhaus in the hall as we were leaving, and he took the time to introduce himself as well. Everyone we came into contact with seemed happy to be there!

Kimberly Smyrna, TN

I went in for a simple ingrown toenail removal and almost passed out from the procedure in the office, the staff were very caring and got me some water and had me lie down. I was very impressed with how kind Dr. Knox was, he has a wonderful way with the patience and talked me through the entire procedure!

Melinda Smyrna, TN

My experience at Neuhaus Foot & Ankle on 4/13/12 was beyond belief. I felt so safe and so well taken care of by the staff (Brenda, Sheila, Megan, and Brittany) and Dr. Jason Knox. Thank you so much for your care and careful attention. Your office was well-organized, prompt with responses, professional and caring. Most of all, I felt as if you were all family which made the atmosphere a relaxed one.


I was greeted cheerfully at the front desk by Sheila. Brittany was so caring and I felt really comfortable with her in the patient room. She was precise with her questions, very friendly and I felt understood by her. Dr. Knox was caring and very helpful in explaining the procedure. Brenda was my final stop and she was extremely kind! Thank you, thank you, thank you. I don’t think I could truly express how thankful I am for my experience there. You have a great staff and office!

Karla R. Smyrna, TN

This office is awesome! Dr. Neuhaus and Dr. Knox both have great bedside manner, VERY professional, and they make you feel like your the only one in the office yet, they are so busy. Not only do they treat you as a great doctor, but you get to know them and how passionate they are about patients and there families. Not to mention the staff. You can absolutely see they love their job! One of their nurses, Brittany tries to get you back as quickly as possible and is as caring and upbeat as can be. The front staff always has a smile on their face. By the time I check out, I have a smile and understand exactly what they did and what we expect for the follow-up appointment.This is truly a great practice.

Jeremy E.

Dr. Neuhaus,
Thank you so much for the wonderful care you have given to me for my foot and nail problems. With age comes difficulties, but with your help I can overcome these foot and nail problems! Thank you!

R.D. Smyrna, TN

Dr. Neuhaus,
I was traveling for three weeks when I contracted a very aggressive, staph infection. Two other doctors I visited while traveling could not cure my infection. When I arrived home, I visited my family doctor who referred me to you. In a matter of a few days, you cured my condition. Not only are you great medically, but you had a great “bedside manner”! You have certainly earned my long-term patronage.

P.S. Smyrna, TN

Dr. Neuhaus,
We had a great time at Disney World. Thanks for making the trip possible! My “new” foot is doing extremely well and there is no way a week in Disney would have ever happened without it. Thanks again for taking such great care of me. God bless you!


Dr. Neuhaus,
Prior to coming to your office for the first time a few months ago, I suffered from embarassment of toe discoloration. My wife and I were in Maui some time ago and being able to walk on the beach with sandals was something I could not do. I must admit when you told me the treatment would take a few months until I would see results, I was a bit skeptical. After all, I tried many over-the-counter remedies which produced little if any success. Now, I am 95% cured from my dilemma. I can now enjoy wearing sandals and I feel great! Thank you!


Dr. Neuhaus and Staff,
The service I received in your office was exceptional and I have spread your office to anyone I see that says they are having problems. Good luck with your business and I hope I don’t have to come back, but your office will be my number one choice.


Dr Neuhaus,
I recently saw the video you posted on youtube detailing an ingrown toenail removal. I’ve been suffering from one of these on my left foot for the past 8+ years, and it is getting to the point that I really feel as if I should be serious and take care of it. I had gone to a clinic twice while in high school, and the “surgery” was incredibly painful and not effective, thus my putting it off for years. Your video showed me how fast, painless, and effective the procedure should be, thus helping me ease my fears. Thank you!


I just got an ingrown toenail removed 2 days ago by Dr. Neuhaus and before I came in, I watched his Ingrown toenail video on youtube. In the office, he did the procedure exactly as it is portrayed on the video. The only thing that hurt were the shots. I could not feel anything else. He’s a great doctor!


I can walk pain free! After almost two years of treatments, equipment, behavior changes, and pain, plantar fasciitis was still affecting my everyday life. Working two jobs and depending on my ability to walk, I thought I was out of non-surgical options. The shock wave treatments in the office, offered by Dr. Neuhaus and his staff, provided an option that was not previously available. I underwent weekly shock wave treatment for four weeks. After the first week I could tell an amazing difference. After the second week I was able to walk noticing pain only first thing in the morning and later in the evening. After the third week I was pain free and able to resume walking as an exercise rather than a painful event. A month after the fourth treatment I am still pain free and walking 5K at least three times a week! Thank you Dr. Neuhaus.

Melody, RN

With the new technology in the office, I do not have to have surgery now. Having foot pain for several years no one listened to me. Dr. Neuhaus did and my feet are in the road to recovery.


I dropped a glass frame on the top of my foot and went to the ER at StoneCrest. My foot became infected and an abcess formed as an open wound. I was referred to Dr. Neuhaus where he cleaned and cured my infection. Dr. Neuhaus was excellent; great bedside manner, very personable and I have great confidence in his treatment methods. The staff in the office has always been extremely kind. The office is a great place to come to if you have any foot or ankle problems!


I tell everyone about Dr. Neuhaus if they are having problems with their feet. All of the staff are so kind and caring, with or without Dr. Neuhaus there in the office.


With Dr. Neuhaus’ treatment, I am now 100% better. Great work and extremely nice to talk to. Thanks for everything!

K.B. Smyrna, TN

Dr. Neuhaus has been great with all the trouble my ankles have been since he removed the mass. I couldn’t ask for a better doctor or office staff. The entire office is fantastic and I most definitely will recommend him to my friends and coworkers.


Dr. Neuhaus went through many treatment options with me including therapy and surgery. He went the extra mile to take care of me and made sure I was comfortable with every treatment option.

B.R. Smyrna, TN

By providing me with good instruction on wound care while at home, I was able to take care of myself without the cost. Dr. Neuhaus also gave me a positive outlook on my particular situation. Great care and thorough attention of my wound during my visits.


The office was the most pleasant experience I have had at a doctor’s office.


Dr. Neuhaus was able to get right to my foot problems and explained my problem in detail. Great bedside manner and great staff. I am so glad that I was referred to this office. Also, I love the computer screens in the exam rooms while waiting. I was able to read and learn different information about foot problems as well as see pictures of Dr. Neuhaus’ family.


Dr, Neuhaus listened to my symptoms, checked out my foot and performed the necessary treatment. He had great bedside manner and great listener. I am now cured because of the treatment.

D.B. Smyrna, TN

Dr. Neuhaus is currently working to solve a neuroma problem in my foot. This is a work in progress, but I have complete confidence that Dr. Neuhaus will have a solution in the near future. He informed me that he will not stop treatment until the foot problem is corrected the best way possible.

E.S. Smyrna, TN

Dr. Neuhaus gave me a shot in my foot to relieve all my foot pain. I almost felt immediate relief and now after following the stretching exercises, I am happy to say that my foot pain has been cured. Thanks!

A.S. Smyrna, TN

I know this is only my first visit, but the staff in the office has been great and made me feel at ease. Dr. Neuhaus was also wonderful. Great listener and several treatment options. I would strongly recommend him to family and friends.

G.C. Smyrna, TN

I have had Plantar Fasciitis for several years. Many shots of cortisone and exercise with only temporary relief. Dr. Neuhaus performed a procedure, which included deadening the nerve. YUREKA!! I am now pain free after 5 years. Thanks Dr. Neuhaus!! You and your staff have made this a great experience. I highly recommend this procedure and other services. The entire office seems to be highly trained professionals. I will be part of this Neuhaus family for all of my podiatry needs.

B.S. Smyrna, TN

Everyone here in the office is awesome! And I mean everyone! Thanks for being so wonderful!

J.M. Smyrna, TN

Dr. Neuhaus was very friendly and explained procedures to the fullest. The office staff was also very courteous.

B.M Smyrna, TN

Dr. Neuhaus did bunion surgery and straightened my broken toe. The staff has always been very friendly and caring. They will always tro to answer all the questions askedd of them if they can.


Dr. Neuhaus has helped me regain a pain free walk. He is also helping my Achilles Tendon issue, but this will come with time. The staff is super courteous and seem to care about the patients. I have and will continue to recommend Neuhaus Foot & Ankle to friends and family.

S.A. Smyrna, TN

Dr. Neuhaus operated on both feet removing my bunions, allowed a good amount of time off work and gave me time to heal completely before returning. All the people in the office are wonderful. I am going to miss seeing Dr. Neuhaus and the staff because I am completely healed from my procedures. A bunch of good people to have met.

V.S. Smyrna, TN

I had put off for years going to a foot doctor because of fear. I am so glad that my primary care physician referred me to come to Dr. Neuhaus! Dr. Neuhaus, along with the staff, are all so nice, courteous, and genuinely concerned about their patients! I have told my friends and family about Dr. Neuhaus and staff and will continue to do so!

M.A. Smyrna, TN

After several visits and attempts to rid the pain in my right heel from Plantar Fasciitis, Dr Neuhaus decided to perform the dry needling procedure. The in-office treatment worked very well, with a local injection and ultrasound he was able to perform the dry needling in about 10 minutes. After a few days, wearing a special boot, and not walking barefoot the soreness subsided, this procedure has given back my mobility in walking without pain and with less discomfort each new day. I will recommend Dr. Neuhaus to all my friends and family. Thanks to a great caring staff at Neuhaus Foot & Ankle.


Dr. Neuhaus clips my grandparents toenails and he makes their feet happy! Plus the staff always treats you with respect. I’m glad my grandparents found a great doctor to take care of their feet.


I was having problems with my right foot. I had pain when I walked any distance. My surgery was 7 months ago and I can already tell a great difference. My surgery was complex, but Dr. Neuhaus did a great job and it looks really good today. I’m so happy to be able to walk without pain.


I am happy with the treatment plan, and the courtesy of the nurses and doctor was great. I will definitely come back if anything should arise and I will be telling all my friends about the office.


The staff in the office was efficient, knowledgeable,and courteous. The foot problem seems to have been diagnosed properly with the correct treatment instituted because I am now pain free! Thank you!


I was extremely impressed with the treatment plan and how thorough the doctor was to take care of my foot pain. I will be coming back for sure.


Dr. Neuhaus took the time to use the ultrasound to pinpoint the area that needed the injection. This eliminated my pain and discomfort and I am so thankful that I finally decided to make an appointment to take care of my heel pain.

G.H. Smyrna, TN

Dr. Neuhaus cuts my toe nails and has continued to help my feet. He also has helped my ingrown toenails. I will continue to come back when I need to. The staff is wonderful and so friendly.

R.J. Smyrna, TN

I believe this is one of the nicest doctors’ offices I have ever been to. Everyone is extremely pleasant and makes me feel comfortable.

T.M. Smyrna, TN

The office keeps chocolate and water in the office for the patients and everyone has been so nice! I actually look forward to coming to my appointments to see so many smiling faces and to get my feet taken care of.

M.H. Smyrna, TN

Dr. Neuhaus seems to know what the problem is with my feet right away. He was able to help me since I had to go through a lot of tests and changes with my foot problems. The doctor and staff truly care about how you are doing and want you to get better.

T.F. Smyrna, TN

Dr. Neuhaus helps to keep my toe nails clipped. I’m a diabetic and I feel very confident that he helps me make sure that I’m taking good care of my feet and toe nails. I am grateful for such a good podiatrist.

H.C. Smyrna, TN

My ankle has caused me pain and stayed swollen for years. Dr. Neuhaus knew exactly what my ankle needed and it hasn’t hurt since he treated it! I cannot believe I waited so long to get rid of my pain and inflammation.

C.D. Smyrna, TN

The doctor was able to get rid of my nasty toenail fungus. He does great work and I will continue to recommend others to the practice.

J.B. Smyrna, TN

The doctor is actually willing to help with my foot problem when no other doctor was willing to touch another doctor’s work. I am very blessed to have found him and have the help I needed. Thanks so much!

M.W. Smyrna, TN

The doctors and the back office are very, very good at what they do!! I received lots of good information about my foot problems and everyone seemed to care about me.

L.D. Smyrna, TN

I was given a different kind of medication to heal my foot problems. I have been struggling to get the right medicine to my issues. He is really a great doctor!

B.T. Smyrna, TN

The staff that took care of me today were very friendly. They all kept smiles on their faces the whole time and seemed to care about me. Dr. Knox also treated me and knew exactly what was going on. I am impressed and pleased with my care today!

Smyrna, TN

Dr. Neuhaus has never given up on my foot problem. He has always been so understanding and polite about my foot issue. I appreciate all Dr. Neuhaus and the staff have done from me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are awesome!

T.S. Smyrna, TN

We both provide services to the public in different industries and therefore I am fully aware that negative feedback is routine but positive feedback is infrequent. Please express to your staff my appreciation for the professionalism and high standard of conduct by which you and your staff managed my care during the last seven months.


I am a fairly difficult patient / customer and do not express such appreciation where it is not warranted. I also do not frequently recommend another professional to others as the performance of those professionals is frequently wanting is some way. I have recommended to several friends and acquaintances that they come to NFA for medical treatment. Monday, I was standing in the hallway waiting for the office to open after your lunch break. There was a new patient with me who was disgruntled that the office had not opened even though it was before the appointed time. In order to mitigate his emotional frustration I explained to him the quality of my experience and the fact that you saved my foot when others wanted to remove it. Once again, please express my appreciation also to your staff!

J.S. Smyrna, TN

I was in your office a month or so ago with a hurt toenail. I realized when I received the monthly newsletter that I missed my follow up appointment. My toenail is doing great and is growing back wonderfully. Thank you so much for everything! I really enjoyed my experience with your office. The doctor that treated my toe was very kind and did a great job! I will definately refer anyone I know with any type of foot or ankle issues to your office. I live in Murfreesboro, but you all were well worth the drive! Once again thank you!

H.W. Smyrna, TN

Dr. Neuhaus,
Thank you so much for your kindness and concern. I feel so much better now. The heel pain is non-existent and hopefully it will never come back, but if it does I know a good doctor to see! I will recommend you to all my friends and family. Also, your staff is very nice and knowledgeable. May God always bless you, your family and your staff. Thank you!

Linda S. Smyrna, TN

Dr. Knox fixed my ingrown toenail! Awesome staff, enjoyed my visits and had a great experience overall. Keep up the good work!

Michael M. Smyrna, TN

Dr. Knox was very straight forward with my foot problem. You can obey the doctor’s orders or you can no do what you are told. Well, I chose to listen to his recommendations. I will do all I can to keep this under control and avoid anymore injections in my foot. Dr. Knox warned me that the shot was painful BUT it helps with the pain. I would recommend Dr. Knox to anyone who is experiencing foot problems.

Gwendolyn B. Smyrna, TN

I’ve had pain in my big toe for a long time and the doctor was able to get all the pain out of my toe. He was very kind and told me exactly what the treatment was going to be. I am very satisfied and would recommend the office to friends and family.

Marsela B. Smyrna, TN

Dr. Neuhaus has been wonderful in helping throughout my joint issues in my foot. Surgery was inevitable but a successs in 2009. I am now returning to him 2 years later for an ingrown toenail that keeps reoccurring. Would highly recommend! He spends the time explaining things to where you actually understand.

Dawn O. Smyrna, TN

I had my first visit with Dr. Neuhaus and I must say the staff is absolutely wonderful. They are always cheery and smiling – very positive environment and love coming here. You can tell that every employee of Dr. Neuhaus’ staff absolutely loves what they do and it shows. They are very attentive to patients needs and do the absolute best job here. I like the fact that everybody who works here takes the time to know every patient’s name and that means a lot. We need more nurses and doctors like this. Thank you for everything!

Brandi M. Smyrna, TN

Absolutely the finest care you can receive with Dr. Neuhaus. You come in as a patient and leave as a friend. Professional, caring staff as well. Highly recommended.

Mike G. Smyrna, TN

Dr. Knox and Staff,
Thank you very much for your excellent service. My foot healed quickly and I was able to enjoy the rest of my time in Tennessee visiting family. I cannot say enough good things about my visit to your office.

Sue H. (from Kent, WA)

YOUR FEET DO NOT HAVE TO HURT!!!! My feeet hurt for several monthes before I finally decided to find a doctor. I work retail and I’m on my feet 8-9 hours straight 5 days a week. I’m very thankful that I was referred to Dr. Neuhaus, he is GREAT!! Some nights my feet hurt so bad I would lay on the couch and put my feet up on the wall to get relief, my pain was ALWAYS at a 6-7 even first thing in the morning, by the end of my shifts it would be a 10+. I have Planter Fasicia (very bad, those of you who have it will understand normal .1-.3cm mine were .58cm & .93cm), my treatment of stretching exercises and steroid injections have made the world of difference. Of couse it took a couple of days but by the following week my pain was running about 2-4, and NOW IT’S GONE 3 WEEKS LATER , I do have some discomfort after 5 days in a row ( but I can actually work 5 days in a row) my stretching helps and I’ll take discomfort over pain any day. THANK YOU DR. NEUHAUS!!

K. Beard Smyrna, TN

From entering the office throughout the treatment and even at checkout, I was treated respectfully and as a total individual. No herd mentality here. The office staff was VERY friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. Very professional in appearance and attitude. Minimal wait time. The office was gorgeous and comfortable. I was very apprehensive due to my upcoming treatment and everyone did their best to put my mind at ease and explained everything openly and honestly beforehand. Dr. Neuhaus was a true pro and treated my condition with care and consideration, not doing anything during procedure that wasn’t totally necessary. He was friendly and caring and obviously very accomplished. Aftercare treatment was discussed as well as the followup appointment. Check out was a breeze. It was so great seeing good old fashioned customer service they way it should be. This medical office does it right!

Karin Smyrna, TN

Great Experience and Great Results I walk and stand all day so having chronic foot pain really decreases my quality of life. I was happy with the treatment I received at Dr. Neuhaus’s office on every level. He and his staff are true professionals in every sense of the word. Great job!

Shandora Smyrna, TN

ONE OF A KIND! I have been seeing Dr. Neuhaus for a little over 6 years now and in that time frame he has done 4 surgeries on my feet and ankles. On one of the ankle surgeries I had gotten an infection he said was the worst he had seen in a really long time. But with his kidness and on-top of things mannner, he managed to admit me to the hospital and get the infection under control and and back home with in only a few days. Since the surgeries I know has very stable feet and ankles, where as before I did not. Dr. Neuhaus is definitly a one of a kind doctor. He always makes you feel llike you are the only patient he has, even though he has an office full of patience. I thought bedside manners were gone, but then I met Dr. Neuhaus and he proved that some doctors still had them. I will always protect and trust my feet to Dr. Neuhaus. I would recommend anyone to Dr. Neuhaus that had any type of foot issues, whether it be the tiniest of problems or the biggests of problems. THANK YOU DR. NEUHAUS FOR EVERYTHING!

Stefany Smyrna, TN

I first started seeing Dr. Neuhaus in July, 2011. So far, he has been treating my Plantar fasciitis and also a toenail fungus. I recently received laser treatment for the toenail, and will go back for follow up in 3 months to see if this clears up the condition. Dr. Neuhaus is very caring and willing to find the right solution for every patient’s problem.

Ann Smyrna, TN

I’m a patient of Dr. Knox and I came into your office today to get nail polish. The lady there during the lunch hour was very friendly and helpful. Thanks for offering a healthy alternative to regular toxic nail polish. Thanks for having friendly helpful employees too.

Meribeth J. Smyrna, TN

The staff at Neuhaus Foot and Ankle are truly wonderful. I feel that I have made new friends at the office even after my first visit. I just recently purchased an iPhone and the staff at the front desk helped me add my next appointment to my calendar in my phone because I didn’t know how yet. They even taught me a couple of good tips too! I love how relaxed and fun all the employees are. I will recommend anyone who has foot problems to Neuhaus Foot and Ankle. Thank you so much!

Joyce B. Smyrna, TN

Dr. Knox,

I wanted to share my success with you. I ran my first 5K on Saturday, October 20, 2012. It was the Monster Run on Music Row. I completed my 3.11 miles in 31:51, placing me FIRST in my age bracket! I have the Susan G. Komen Race for a Cure this Saturday too! Thank you for being a wonderful doctor and helping me run pain free! Maybe one day I can be one of the nurses on your surgery team!

Amity S.

Amity S. Smyrna, TN

To all staff and doctors,

I sure want to say thank you for a GREAT JOB on my feet and ankles. You did a wonderful job and I am so happy to say I am feeling much better.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Lynn D. Smyrna, TN

I want to say thank you to the doctor and staff for the excellent foot care I’ve received in your office. I would recomment any of my friends and family to your office for foot and ankle care needs. Thank you so much!

Cynthia H. Smyrna, TN

You will have my gratitude for the rest of my life.

As a child, my father took me from Connecticut to a specialist in New York for an evaluation. I was told my feet were the flattest he had ever seen and that I would need surgery, though we might want to wait until I finished growing. I was given special supportive shoes. In my twenties, my feet began hurting severely and walking was difficult, especially beginning in 2002 or so. I thought this was the inevitable breakdown foretold by my childhood specialist. I got custom orthotics that I used religiously to reduce pain. In June 2009 while at school where I avoided walking to the cafe during class breaks because my feet hurt so badly, a couple people introduced me to the term plantar fasciitis. One saturday morning i read up on the condition and found your video on youtube with recommended stretches. That afternoon I began walking normally again after years of issues. In October of 2009 I began working out. In spring of 2010 I began biking. In spring of 2011 I began running. I’ve now completed two ironman triathlons (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, 26.2 mile run) and I am not a running addict.

Your video was a major key to my rehabilitation. THANK YOU!

Bill B. Smyrna, TN

Wonderful experience and I’m receiving wonderful care for my feet planter’s fasciatis in both of my heels. Still in progress but I am very happy with my care so far.

Melissa J. Smyrna, TN

Dr. Neuhaus has PERMANENTLY ridded my big toes of ingrown toenails with just one procedure. Now, Dr. Neuhaus is hard at work on my planters wart, but I have faith that he will rid my poor foot of that painful enemy too! I am extremely pleased with the care I’ve received from Dr. Neuhaus and his staff. Everyone is wonderful and I will definitely recommend many and friends to Neuhaus Foot and Ankle!

Jenna E. Smyrna, TN

Love my trips to Dr. Neuhaus office everybody is so very kind. Thank You so very much.

Harriet M. Smyrna, TN

Dr Hawthorn is excellent. He has a very pleasant manor, and he diagnoses and treats my problem appropriately. His years of experience are obvious. However, those needles still hurt!

Charles S. Smyrna, TN

I am thrilled with the results after my first visit! As I proceeded to get out of the examination chair after my treatment the foot pain instantaneously disappeared. I am so very grateful for the relief that Dr. Neuhaus has given me. I would also like to say that I enjoyed the slide show that his staff has provide on the computer screens as we are waiting for consultations and exams. It is very nice to see that the doctors and staff are “human” and have lives outside their practice and it makes them more approachable, understanding and provides the patients with some happy, pleasant thoughts to distract us from our pain as we wait for treatment, etc. Again, thank you to all the doctors and staff at the clinic!

Robert G. Smyrna, TN

I was very impressed with your office. I liked that you took X-rays right away, and they were ready when the doctor came in the room. I feel my diagnosis was right on the money, and was impressed with the explanation and treatment plan. Thanks, Dr. Knox

Sara D. Smyrna, TN

Thank you so much Dr. Neuhaus for the wonderful surgery! It went well! Can’t wait till the next 1! You are the best Dr. ever!

Harmony B. Smyrna, TN

Just a quick note to tell you how grateful I am for the good service. Your staff is so pleasant and helpful and I am grateful for the good job on my foot. The surgery means I will still be independent (as much as possible at 75). What a blessing to be able to walk pain free. I have told my friends at the Senior Center they do not need to go to Nashville when they have foot problems because Smyrna has the best.

Frances W. Smyrna, Tennessee

Dr. Neuhaus,

A quick note of thanks for taking a look at my Achilles. I know you were swamped and spending a couple extra minutes with me was very much appreciated!

-D.R, Franklin

Doug R. Franklin, Tennessee

I was the last patient of the day and Dr. Hawthorn had an unexpected appointment show up after me. Not once did I feel like I was being rushed out. Dr. Hawthorn was very attentive. He sat down and took his time and explained everything.

Deena B. Hermitage, TN

I was very satisfied with my treatment , surgery , and after care. Dr Knox is excellent. My 13 yr old daughter has also been treated here.

James C. Smyrna, TN

My experience was awesome. I would recommend the office and I have. The staff was very friendly and I felt very comfortable. Dr Neuhaus was very knowledgeable and listen to my concerns and made me feel that we were in this together and he wasn’t going anywhere till I was happy with the results. I could not have had a better experience. And I loved the family and info on the computer while I was waiting

Tamara S. Smyrna, TN

Everyone in the office was very friendly and helpful. Dr. Toy was very helpful and descriptive about the problem with my ankle. I will never go to another podiatrist as long as he is available. Thanks for such a great experience!

Kyle F. Murfreesboro TN

Dr. J.R. Knox & Staff,

I am taking the time out to let you know, I will spread the word around. Everyone was very nice, and always a smile on their faces. Hope that you seriously can put an end to my constant pain… Thank you again. I”ll be seeing you soon. Thank you for your time and a happy, concerned smile and you answered all my questions. God Bless You Always.

Cheryl P. Smyrna, Tenn.

It was a joy & pleasure seeing you today. Everyone was so nice

Harriet M. Smyrna, Tenn.

Dear Dr. Matthew Neuhaus,

I am your patient once several year. I’ve got my toenail’s problem. Now everything O.K. By your very good taking care and my family… Dr. Neuhaus, you are so nice, kind and concern on me since then till now I received set of instruction, note, letter. Those let me know different way and ready to help me everytime. I keep in my mind and don’t forget of your great help – you are very smart.

Thank you very much with your kindness, good care, good collaboration to me and to all sickness people.

With my respect and sincerely yours.

Tom C. Smyrna, Tenn.

Dr. Hawthorn continues to do amazing work, even after all these years! Im so grateful for the care, compassion, and common sense he has shared with me whenever I’ve needed help with my feet! Whenever I am asked about a podiatrist (personally and/or professionally), I ALWAYS recommend Dr. Hawthorn!

L. C. Hermitage, TN

I have complete confidence in Dr. Hawthorne & his staff and would not hesitate to see him again with any problems that I might have.

J.T. Hermitage, TN

Very nice and friendly staff….Dr. Neuhaus was very nice and explained to me what the next step in caring for my foot should be if I decide to have surgery. Thanks.

B.L. Smyrna, TN

Dr. Knox is the most compassionate & caring Dr. I have had in 58 years. Having MS for 10 years – I have seen alot of doctors. The 2 times I texted his cell after my surgery – he immediately responded. I have never had a doctor give out their cell – even for emergencies. I will vote him Top Dr. in USA.

M.T. Smyrna, Tenn.

Dr. Stanley was very helpful – answered questions about ingrown toes & artery disease. Very nice manner and helpful knowledge – made me feel that he cared about my visit. Dr. Neuhaus was very kind as usual.

L.M. Smyrna, Tenn.

My son was a patient for an ingrown toenail. He was super nervous & scared. The staff & Dr. Neuhaus were excellent. Great experience for us both!

J.V. Smyrna, Tenn.

They are very good doctors .They really care about their patients .Their staff is very friendly and helpful.



As usual, everyone at the office was awesome. They make you feel like family and are always happy to see you

J.M. Smyrna, Tenn.

Thanks to Dr. Neuhaus I’m happily running again. So glad I had my plantar fasciitis treated. I should log around 70 miles this month, for the first time since October.

R. B. Smyrna, Tenn.

Dr Hawthorne went above and beyond to make my diagnosis and treatment as good as can be done. Everything was as good as it gets. Thanks again for the 5 star world class treatment across the board.

J.B. Hermitage, Tenn.

Dr. Toy is a smart guy who knows how to explain what’s wrong with you. He also has a cohesive view of people’s bodies and the ways that feet relate to the rest of the body. For those of us who are athletic, this is a terrific way to speak to patients.

K.M. Smyrna, Tenn.

“This is one of my favorite offices to come to!  Wonderful treatment! The staff is friendly! And you all play awesome music!  Thank you for everything!”

Mark M. Murfreesboro, Tenn.

After my PCP and neurologist couldn’t diagnose my foot/toe swelling issue, I saw Dr. Knox. Since I have autoimmune disease, he said it’s really up in the air what caused it, but he gave me a steroid/anti-fungal creme that he hardly ever has to prescribe and it WORKED!

I’ve been dealing with pain and swelling since January and finally got relief just in time for a trip to Chicago and now in time for wearing summer sandals!

V.B. Smyrna, Tenn.

I had foot surgery on Monday and Dr. Neuhaus is my doctor. He made me as comfortable as I can be. Informed me of everything even outcome and post op. visit was Thursday and he was so companionate and reassuring of my surgery. Very Very Satisfied with this office. I will recommend him to anyone who has a foot problem. Thank You So Much Neuhaus Foot And Ankle. 5 Star Service.

C.B. Smyrna, TN

Dr. Knox was awesome! After my husbands Achilles surgery he called to check on him even though he had gone out of town. Great office of people all around!!

L.C. Smyrna, Tenn.

I was very pleased with the treatment I received. All of the staff members I have encountered have been professional, yet friendly. Dr. Knox was quick to answer any questions I had. I am very self-conscious about my feet, but he made me feel comfortable and took any embarrassment out of the situation. I haven’t worn flip flops in years because of the appearance of my toes, and I have been able to wear them comfortably since my visit to the clinic.

A.S. Smyrna, Tenn.

My first podiatrist visit and was very happy with the staff and Dr. Hasler’s manner.

W.T. Lebanon, Tenn.

I have been a patient of Dr. Neuhaus for 8 years, in my opinion he is the best podiatristin Middle Tennessee! He takes good care of me and always resolves my foot problems and exceeds my expectations! If you are looking for a “great” podiatrist, go see Dr. Neuhaus! Also, I was so pleased to see that he has added a foot spa to his practice called “Foot Prints in the Sand”, what a fantastic idea! They’re prices are very, very affordableand I have booked my first mani-pedi! Call Kimberly @ 615.220.8789. Thank you Dr. Neuhaus!

P.J. Smyrna, TN

I was in Footprints in the Sand nail spa today and I would recommend it to any one. Especially if you are having any kind of problems with your feet. Kimberly is very good and knows feet from a Medical view. She discusses your problems and works on your feet and legs accordingly. Also everything is very clean and sterile. I have scheduled a return visit for a pedicure and I am scheduled for a manicure in a couple of weeks.

B.W. Smyrna, TN

My entire family loves Neuhaus for the professionalism and care we receive and my daughter and I love Footprints in the Sand for the ROYAL treatment. Kimberly is personal, attentive and does a fantastic job on my feet. Due to a medical condition, special care has to be taken with my feet. Kimberly manages to take care not to harm my feet, while giving me a supreme manicure. I am loving the new hours!

L.M. Smyrna, Tennessee

Thank you both so much for everything you’ve done for us. My feet is 90% better. Swelling, and soreness gone and most of the pain. Will see you again in Feb – God willing

J. Manchester, Tennessee

I would definitely recommend Dr. Neuhaus to anyone. I have had excellent care from him each visit.

P.B, Smyrna

Dr. Neuhaus has great bedside manner and is truly concerned about the whole person during the visit.

M.A, Smyrna

I love Dr. Neuhaus and his staff. They have really helped me. My plantar fasciitis has gotten much better since I’ve been a patient.

E.D, Smyrna, TN

This group is fantastic from the office staff, to the medical team. Great care from every point.

K.D, Smyrna, TN

Dr. Kumar is the sweetest doctor and relates to the patient so well. She calmed my nerves and was a fantastic doctor during my office visit.

L.B, Hermitage

“I love this office! I have always been treated with kindness there. Excellent staff and wonderful doctors!”

J.S – Smyrna

“Absolutely love Dr. Toy! His personality is fantastic, and I love that he actually knows what he’s doing. I wish I would’ve gone to him years ago before the foot surgery I had with another doctor years ago.”

L.J – Smyrna

“Dr. Neuhaus is awesome. He fixed my plantar fasciitis completely. I was his first dry needling patient, and it’s been fixed ever since!”

S – Smyrna

“Dr. Kumar was very pleasant and knowledgeable. The whole office was very friendly!”

R.C – Hermitage

I just want to praise Dr. Benac. He sent my dad to a vascular doctor at Summit hospital. He ended up having two blockages in his legs and has had heart stents put in. I feel like he saved his life by sending him there.

Mills -Lebanon, TN

“Dr. Benac removed a cyst from the top of my foot. Never having gone through any type of surgery before, I was concerned about having anesthesia and the recovery process as I am really active. Dr. Benac was patient and spent quite a bit of time going over details with me. He even called me later that evening after the surgery to check on me. Misty has been so kind to my Daughter and I have never waited longer than 15 minutes to see Dr. Benac. So pleased with my entire experience.”

D.U, Lebanon