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Venous Stasis

Venous Stasis and Your Legs Venous stasis is a loss of proper function in the leg veins that normally carry blood back toward the heart. This may occur following injury to the veins, which may lead to blood clots in the superficial veins (known as superficial phlebitis) or blood clots in the…

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Common Vascular and Nerve Problems

Common Vascular and Nerve Problems of the Foot Acrocyanosis Alcoholic Neuropathy Chilblains (cold feet) Deep Vein Thrombosis Ischemic Foot Morton’s Neuroma Neuroma Peripheral Arterial Disease Do I need a test for PAD? Venous Stasis

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Raynaud’s Disease

What to Do About Raynaud’s Disease Raynaud’s Disease is a disorder that affects the hands and feet. It is caused by contraction of the smooth muscles controlling the small arteries supplying circulation into the hands and feet. This contraction, called a vasospasm, makes the arteries so small that they restrict blood flow….

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Testing for Peripheral Arterial Disease

Do I Need a Test for PAD? Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) is a serious circulatory problem in which the blood vessels that carry blood to your arms, legs, brain, or kidneys, become narrowed or clogged. It affects over 8 million Americans, most over the age of 50. It may result…

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Peripheral Arterial Disease

What Do I Need to Know About Peripheral Arterial Disease? What is Peripheral Arterial Disease? Commonly referred to as “poor circulation,” Peripheral Arterial Disease (P.A.D.) is the restriction of blood flow in the arteries of the leg. When arteries become narrowed by plaque, the oxygen-rich blood flowing through the arteries…

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Ischemic Foot

Blood Flow and Ischemic Foot Ischemic foot refers to a lack of adequate arterial blood flow from the heart to the foot. There are a wide variety of possible causes, including arterial blockage from cholesterol deposits, arterial blood clots, arterial spasms, or arterial injury. With ischemic foot, the person suffers from…

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Deep Vein Thrombosis

Causes and Treatments of DVT What is Deep Vein Thrombosis? The blood supply of the leg is transported by arteries and veins. The arteries carry blood from the heart to the limbs; veins carry blood back to the heart. The leg contains superficial veins, which are close to the surface,…

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Information on Acrocyanosis Acrocyanosis is a disorder which affects the arteries that provide blood to the skin of the hands and feet. In people who suffer from this disorder, spasms in the arteries cause a blockage and the blood cannot get through. While the disorder is not painful, the arteries involved…

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