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Children’s Shoes

How to Pick Shoes for Children Choosing shoes for your children can play a critical role in their musculoskeletal development, including their posture. In general, infants just learning to walk do not need shoes. Infants may go barefooted indoors, or wear only a pair of socks. This helps the foot…

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Pediatric Flatfoot

What is Pediatric Flatfoot? What Is Pediatric Flatfoot? Flatfoot is a common disorder in both children and adults. “Pediatric flatfoot” is a deformity which occurs in children. Although there are differences between the various forms of flatfoot, overall all flatfoot types share one characteristic, which is the partial or total…

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Flexible Flat Feet

Living with Flat Feet What Is Flatfoot? Flatfoot is not a simple foot problem. The condition can have an assortment of signs and symptoms. Flatfoot also has several degrees of deformity and disability, making the problem different for each patient. There are also numerous flatfoot types, but they all share…

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Corrections for Flat Feet

How to Care for Flat Feet Adult-acquired flatfoot or posterior tibial tendon dysfunction usually leads to a gradual loss of the arch. The posterior tibial muscle is a deep muscle in the back of the calf and has a long tendon that extends from above the ankle and attaches into…

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Symptoms and Treatments for Clubfoot Clubfoot is one of the most common, non-life threatening, major birth defects among infants globally. Approximately one in every 1,000 newborns has clubfoot. Of those, one in three have both feet clubbed. The exact cause is unknown. Two out of three clubfoot babies are boys. Clubfoot…

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Children’s Feet

How to Care for Your Children’s Feet It is important to check your child’s feet periodically. Their feet are growing and changing all the time and many foot problems and conditions can be treated more easily if they are caught early on. Caring for Infant’s Feet The size and shape…

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