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Foot Health 101: Healthy Feet are Happy Feet

Podiatrists are specially trained in the care of feet and ankles. Every day, podiatrists see people who suffer from foot pain and usually wait long periods of time before they finally come in to see me. In some cases they wait years! However, in almost every case we are able to alleviate their pain, treat their condition, and drastically improve their quality of life. In most cases the treatment is much less painful than the pain people experience on a daily basis. And often people will say “I wish I had known it would be this easy. I would’ve done this years ago!”

So – “WHY?” Why do people suffer needlessly for years when a quick trip to see me almost always relieves their problems? Through experience of practicing specialized medicine, podiatrists come to understand that sometimes a patient’s fear of the unknown is stronger than the pain or inconveniences my patients face.

So, this book was created to help you clearly understand what is happening with your feet and to help you get a sense of the help that is awaiting you at a podiatrist’s office. I hope it is helpful and that it answers your questions.

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