Tratamiento Con Láser Para Uñas Con Hongos

Video in Spanish | August 18, 2017

El Dr. Matthew Neuhaus Neuhaus del pie y tobillo se explica el método más reciente para el tratamiento de hongos en las uñas – el tratamiento de láser. Hay muchos tipos de láseres disponibles para el tratamiento de hongos en las uñas y los estudios clínicos muestran mejores resultados que con los medicamentos tópicos y orales para hongos en las uñas. Para obtener más información sobre el método más reciente en el tratamiento y hongos en las uñas, en general, visite nuestro sitio web Para hacer una cita llame al (615) 220-8788 o solicita una cita en línea al

Construction on Suite 450 Has Been Completed!

General | August 18, 2017

The construction has been completed on our new office, Suite 450 in the StoneCrest Physicians’ Building in Smyrna, TN. This glimpse into the completed office was captured just before we moved everything into the office. Follow our blog to stay updated and learn more about our new services! We will be posting more photos and videos of the new office once all the furniture and office decorations are in place!

Welcome to the Patient Education Section

General | August 18, 2017

Dr. Matthew Neuhaus of Neuhaus Foot and Ankle in Middle Tennessee, talks about the patient education section of the Neuhaus Foot and Ankle website, In the patient education section of, you can find information on foot and ankle problems, signs and symptoms, and various available treatment options.

If you are suffering from a foot or ankle injury or disorder, you may want to contact us or request an appointment online.

About Us

General | August 18, 2017

Dr. Matthew Neuhaus of Neuhaus Foot and Ankle in the Middle area describes the about us section of the Neuhaus Foot and Ankle website,, and what information is available in this section. In the about us section, a potential patient can find information on the doctors and staff as well as the offices, including hours, locations and contact information for all the locations.

Contact us for more information.

El Dr. Matthew Neuhaus Hace una Amputación de un Dedo del Pie en la Oficina

Video in Spanish | August 18, 2017

**ADVERTENCIA : Este video es gráfica. ** el Dr. Matthew Neuhaus hace una cirugía en la oficina para tratar un problema diabético. La cirugía es una amputación del dedo de pie. Si usted es diabético, es importante tener un examen de los pies para evitar amputaciones y ulceras de los pies. El Dr. Neuhaus y el Dr. Knox son las afueras de Nashville en Smyrna y en Brentwood, TN en Neuhaus Foot & Ankle. Para obtener más información sobre la diabetes y los pies, visite nuestro sitio web en Para hacer una cita, llame a nuestra oficina al (615) 220-8788.

Hongos en las uñas es un desorden común de los pies

Video in Spanish | August 18, 2017

El doctor Neuhaus habla con pacientes con hongo diario. Entonces si tiene hongo no se avergüenza porque es un problema común y tratable. El hongo de las uñas es causado por un infección. Otra infección fungal es pie de atleta. Las síntomas más común para el hongo de uña espesamiento y la decoloración de las uñas. Si tienes algunas síntomas de hongo puedes llamar nuestra oficina a concertar un consulta.

Treating Ingrown Toenails

Nail Problems, Preventative Care | August 18, 2017

Ingrown toenails are not at all uncommon. In fact, ingrown toenails are seen regularly in podiatry offices. In the scenario in this video, a jogger is struggling with a recurring ingrown toenail. The jogger receives advice from a friend about how to treat the toenail, and the friend suggests a possible trip to the podiatrist and explains what a podiatrist can do to help in treating an ingrown nail.

If you need advice on an ingrown nail, don’t hesitate to contact Neuhaus Foot and Ankle for more information.

Wart Removal Procedure

Foot and Ankle Surgery | August 18, 2017

In this procedure video, Dr. Matthew Neuhaus of Neuhaus Foot and Ankle, a podiatry practice with four locations just outside Nashville, removes a wart from a patient’s foot in the office. Most foot warts are harmless, but if a wart is left untreated, it can grow or even spread into a cluster of warts, which can be harder to treat.

For more information on the surgical removal of a wart, or if you have a wart you need treated, contact us or set up an appointment online.

Is Foot Pain Caused by Weight Gain?

Foot Problems | August 18, 2017

In this educational video, Dr. Matthew Neuhaus of Neuhaus Foot and Ankle talks about weight gain and how weight gains is related to foot pain. Weight gain can contribute to foot problems, but weight gain by itself typically does not cause the pain all by itself. There are usually other contributions to the development of foot pain.

Dr. Matthew Neuhaus also discusses the important of living a healthy lifestyle and how you can keep your doctor’s visits to a minimum by losing weight the right way and keeping the weight off for good. For more information on losing weight in a healthy way, visit or contact us at 615-220-8788.

About Athlete’s Foot

Foot Problems | August 18, 2017

Athlete’s foot is a common skin problem that occurs on the feet and toes. This animated video shows a possible scenario, a son tellling his mother he has itchy feet. She tells her son he probably has a common skin skin condition called athlete’s foot. She tells him about possible treatment options and advises him to wear flip-flops in the locker rooms at school and at the pool to help prevent from getting Athlete’s Foot again.

Contact the Neuhaus Foot and Ankle office, with 6 offices in Middle Tennessee, for more information.