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TollFree: 1 (888) 713-0906

Neuhaus Foot and Ankle Offers Informational Books on Heel Pain and and Foot Health

Our podiatrists at Neuhaus Foot and Ankle believe that preventing your foot and ankle problems is key to maintaining your foot health. We want you to be educated about foot and ankle health so you can eliminate the possibility of developing a problem. Thus, we are providing you with free informational books, Heel Pain 101 and Foot Health 101, so you have a better understanding about how and why foot and ankle problems occur. These two books can be ordered online to learn more about your feet so you can get back to the activities you love!


Why your feet say "ouch" when you get out bed...

Heel Pain 101 You simply do NOT have to suffer with heel pain. "Heel Pain 101" was created to educate the public on the truth about heel pain. get our book and take the first step to feeling better.
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Foot Health 101: Healthy Feet are Happy Feet

Foot Health 101 Get the book that was created to help you understand what is happening with your feet and get a sense of the help that is awaiting you at a podiatrist’s office.
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