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Neuhaus Foot and Ankle Treats Foot and Ankle Ailments

Neuhaus Foot and Ankle offers a large library of information on many common foot injuries and foot ailments, along with videos describing the problems. Find out how we can help you.

Ankle ProblemsAnkle Problems

All About Equinus Ankle Fractures Broken Ankles
Ankle Sprains Ankle Sprain Symptoms & Treatment Foot and Ankle Swelling
Chronic Ankle Instability Chronic Lateral Ankle Pain Osteochondritis
Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome Joint Immobility Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome Surgery
Talar Dome Lesion

Traumatic injury poses a huge threat to ankle health. Sprains and fractures are common injuries for all ages, and the progressive pain from arthritis can exert a huge toll on older patients. Consult Neuhaus Foot and Ankle for your Tennessee ankle injuries.

Common Sport InjuriesCommon Sport Injuries

Athletic Foot Care Sports and Your Feet Basketball Shoes
Shin Splints Typical Injuries of the Foot and Ankle Cycling Shoes
Sports and Foot Injuries Tennis and Your Feet Proper Shoes for Baseball
Stress Fracture Athletic Shoe Guidelines Proper Golf Shoes
Fifth Metatarsal Fracture Jogging and Running Shoes


Amateur and professional sports stress the lower limbs in unique ways. A sports injury to the leg or foot demands rapid treatment lest it become a permanent disability. You can trust Neuhaus Foot and Ankle to handle your Tennessee sports injuries skillfully.


Amniotic Band Syndrome Bunions Bunion Prevention
Bunion Surgery What Are Bunions? Charcot Foot
Crossover Toe Digital Deformity Foot Deformities
Growth Plate Disorder Haglunds Deformity Hallux Rigidus
Hammertoes Hammertoe Surgery Jackson-Weiss Syndrome
Olliers Disease Os Trigonum Syndrome Tailors Bunion
Tailors Bunion Surgery


Get information about the most common foot and ankle deformities.

Foot ProblemsFoot Problems

Acute Inflammation Arthritis Burning Feet
Cancer of the Foot Causes of Diabetes Capsulitis
Children's Feet Clubfoot Common Therapies for Foot Problems
Corrections for Flat Feet Cysts Dealing with Foot Odor
Diabetes and your Feet Diabetic Complications for the Feet Startling Statistics about Diabetes
Diabetic Foot Care Guidelines Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy Two Kinds of Allergies
The Lisfranc Joint Diseases of the Foot Dysplasia of the Foot
Enchondroma Flexible Flat Feet Pediatric Flatfoot
Foot Fractures Foot Self-Exam Foot Spasms
Foot Ulcers Frostbite of the Foot Ganglion Cysts
Gangrene Gordon Syndrome Gout
Malignant Melanoma Metatarsalgia Osteoarthritis
Osteochondromas Osteoporosis Overpronation or Flat Feet
Plantar Fibromas Procedures for Foot Problems Puncture Wound
Sesamoid Injuries Sesamoiditis Smelly Feet & Foot Odor
Treating Foot Odor


Neuhaus Foot and Ankle describes common foot problems, including symptoms and possible remedies.

Foot and Ankle SurgeryFoot and Ankle Surgery

Achilles Surgery Ankle Surgery Arthroscopy
Cyst Removal Fusion Treatments MPJ Replacement Implant Surgery
Metatarsal Surgery Ganglion Cyst Surgery Healing Process for Bones
Iontophoresis Lesser Metatarsal Osteotomy Surgery Soft Tissue Biopsy
Surgery for Arthritis Surgical Procedures Tarsal Tunnel Release Surgery
Toe Surgery    


Our Smyrna podiatrists perform foot and ankle surgery both in the office and in the hospital. Look to Neuhaus Foot and Ankle for all your podiatry needs.

Heel ProblemsHeel Problems

Haglunds Deformity: A Common Cause of Heel Pain Heel Calluses on the Metatarsal Bone Heel Fissures
Pediatric Heel Pain Morning Foot Pain Dry Needling
Plantar Fasciitis and Heel Spurs Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy Plantar Fascia Release Surgery
What to Expect with Steroid Injections Symptoms and Treatments for Bone Spurs


A great deal of heel and arch pain is caused by plantar fasciitis, inflammation of the tissue at the bottom of the foot. Effective treatments are now available. Learn how Neuhaus Foot and Ankle provides care for its patients in Tennessee.

Nail ProblemsNail Problems

Black Toenails Bone Spurs under the Toenails Ingrown Toenails
Common Fungal Problems Preventing Fungal Nails Fungus Problems
Symptoms of Nail Fungus Toenail Fungus Treatments Lamisil: A Treatment For Toenail Fungus
Laser Treatment for Nail Fungus    

Preventative CarePreventative Care

Anatomy of a Shoe Anatomy of the Foot APMA Recommended Shoes
Athletic Foot Care Children's Shoes Common Foot Therapies
Common Problems of Stockings When to Call a Doctor Computed Tomography
Corrective and Prescription Shoes Exercise Those Toes! Fitness and Foot Health
Fitness and Your Feet Foot and Ankle Pain Management Foot Care for Seniors
Foot Health for Women over 65 Foot Odor Prevention Foot Pain Management
Foot Ultrasounds Foot and Ankle Surgery Common Foot Problems
Getting a Proper Fit for Foot Health Government Agencies Promoting Foot Health Headline: Foot Health Quiz
Arthritis Children's Feet Your Footprint Your Health
Instructions for Crutches Medical Care for Foot Health Men's Shoes
More Tips for Foot Health MRI for Foot Treatment Nashville Podiatrists Offer Information for Foot Problems
New Shoes: What to Look For Online Resources Orthotics or Over the Counter Shoe Inserts
Physical Therapy for Foot Problems Proper Shoe Selection for Foot Health Stretching Exercises
The Benefits of Aerobics The Problem with High Heels Tips and Information for Foot Care
Tips for Pedicures and Healthy Feet Understanding the Role of Your Podiatrist in Overall Health Care Various Types of Orthotics
Walking and Your Feet Warm-up Stretching Exercises Wear Patterns of Shoes
What to Expect with Steroid Injections Women's Foot Health Women's Shoes and Foot Health
Work Footwear X-Rays for Foot Health Your Feet at Work


Neuhaus Foot and Ankle provides basic guidelines for maintaining, promoting, and continuing healthy feet, including proper shoes and toenail trimming.

Problemas de Pie en EspanolProblemas de Pie en Espanol

Artritis Reumatoide en el Pie y Tobillo Biopsia de Tejido Blando Buniones (Juanete)
Coalicion Tarsal Complicaciones Diabeticas Curacion de los Huesos
Dedo Cruzado Dedo en Martillo Deformidad de Haglund
Disfuncion del Tendon Tibial Posterior Dolor de Talon Dolor de Talon Infantil
Ejercicios de Elongacion El Dolor Cronico de Tobillo Lateral Enfermedad Vascular Periferica (PAD)
Eqsguince de Tobillo Equinismo Fractura de Estres
Fracturas de Los Dedos del Pie Fracturas de Tobillo Fracturas del Calcaneo
Fracturas del Quinto Metatarsiano Gota Hallux Rigidus - Spanish
Heridas Por Puncion Inestabilidad Cronica de Tobillo Inflamacion Aguda
Inicio de Drenaje Siguiendo Los Pasos de Absceso Infectado Instrucciones Para Muletas Juanetes de Sastra
Lesion del Domo Talar Lesiones de Lisfranc Lesiones del Tendon Peroneo
Lesiones en un Hueso Sesamoideo del Pie Melanoma Maligno del Pie Necesito un Examen de EAP?
Neuroma de Morton Neuropatia Diabetica Periferica Ortesis vs. Plantillas
Osteoartritis del Pie y el Tobillo Pie Cavo Pie de Atleta
Pie de Charcot Pie Diabetico Pie Plano Flexible
Pie Plano Pediatrico Problemas de Pie en Espanol Que Usted Espera Con el Tratamiento de Acido Par Alas Verrugas
Que Usted Espera Por Las Inyecciones de Esteroides Quiste de Ganglio Ruptura del Tendon de Aquiles
Sindrome del Hueso Trigono Sindrome del Navicular Accesorio Sindrome del Tunel Tarsiano
Tendinitis de Aquiles Terapia con Onda de Choque Extracorporea Trastornos Comunes del Tendon de Aquiles
Trombosis Venosa Profunda Una Encarnada del Dedo del Pie Una Infectada Por Hongos

Skin ProblemsSkin Problems

Athlete's Foot Athletes Foot Prevention Burning Feet
Calluses Corns Corns and Calluses
Cryotherapy Foot Blisters Foot Warts
Kaposi's Sarcoma Plantar Warts Psoriasis
Puncture Wound Skin Lesions Treating Foot Warts
Treatment for Athletes Foot    


The skin is the body’s first line of defense against many medical problems, so injuries or ailments of the skin cannot be taken too lightly. Learn about common skin problems of feet and legs here, and turn to Neuhaus Foot and Ankle for your Tennessee podiatry concerns.

Tendon ProblemsTendon Problems

Symptoms of Achilles Tendinitis Xanthomas and the Achilles Tendon Disorders of the Achilles Tendon
Peroneal Tendon Dislocation and Dysfunction Peroneal Tendon Injuries Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction
Symptoms and Treatments


The Achilles tendon, which runs down the back of the leg to connect the heel bone to the calf muscle. Among the common disorders of this tendon are dislocation, rupture, and inflammation. Look to Neuhaus Foot and Ankle for your Tennessee podiatry and ankle ailment

Common Toe ProblemsCommon Toe Problems

Claw Toe Common Big Toe Problems Overlapping Toes
Injuries to the Metatarsal Bones Mallet Toes Stiffness in the Big Toe
Turf Toe    


The toes are where the action is: they are uniquely vulnerable to skin, bone, and muscle problems. A regular self-exam for toe problems is essential, and professional examinations should occur regularly. Consult Neuhaus Foot and Ankle in Tennessee for your toe problems.

VascularNerve ProblemsVascular/Nerve Problems

Acrocyanosis Alcoholic Neuropathy Chilblains and Cold Feet
Deep Vein Thrombosis Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy Ischemic Foot
Kohler's Disease Maffuccis Syndrome Morton's Neuroma
Neuroma Surgery Neurolysis Neuroma
Osteomyelitis Peripheral Arterial Disease Testing for Peripheral Arterial Disease
Raynaud's Disease Common Vascular and Nerve Problems Venous Stasis